Boğaziçi University is committed to health, safety and environmental protection in all of its programs and activities. Safety & Health Program will serve to make sure that campus and work environment are as safe as possible—to protect people from harm, and to prevent accidents and injuries. This can only be achieved by the active participation of everyone.

  1. Take responsibility for safety and follow safety rules. Participate in available safety trainings.
  2. Ask your supervisor, colleagues and safety advisor about the precautions, risks and the proper procedures for whatever you do.
  3. Plan for safety. Make sure you have the training, skills and tools to do your work safely.
  4. Look out for others. Speak up if you see someone doing something unsafe.
  5. Report unsafe conditions, facilities or activities.
  6. All members of the Boğaziçi community—­students, faculty and staff—share ­responsibility for safety.
  7. Show others that safety matters to you. Be a model of risk awareness and ­preparation.
  8. Wear appropriate safety gear.

We all want a healthy life, safe places to work, and a rewarding time at Boğaziçi. Let’s make it happen.



We are dedicated to reducing injuries, accidents and environmental impact, and ensuring compliance. We achieve this by providing high quality training, comprehensive workplace evaluation, emergency response, hazardous materials management from acquisition to disposal, and by managing regulatory information.


Our vision is a partnership with students, faculty and staff who are aware of risks and are empowered to learn, discover and work in a manner that protects human health, the environment and property.

Prepared by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ekşioğlu / April 2015