·         The University Safety Office (USO) undertakes inspections and audits including specialist inspections. These are one of the main tools for the identification of best practice, good performance and the identification of systematic deficiencies. These visits are open to the Union Safety Representatives to take part.

·         Faculties/Institutes/Centers/Services are required to undertake termly or annual formal self-inspections (depending on the general perception of hazard in the Unit). Union Safety Representatives, Management and the Safety Officers should all be invited to take part in these inspections. The procedures for self-inspections will vary from Unit to Unit and should form part of the Unit Safety Policy.

·         Compliance visits are also undertaken by the University Safety Office (USO) without notice to the Unit / Building occupants. These are used to monitor compliance with the University Health & Safety Policy, Local Rules, Policy Supplements and other guidance. The USO may enter any part of the University at any time for the purposes of these visits.

·         External audits may also be implemented.

Prepared by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ekşioğlu / April 2015