·         All hazards, risks, accidents, incidents and “near misses” must be reported to the University Safety Office (USO). This is to be done as soon as is practicable after the incident, with follow-up reports being used if necessary. (link: )

·         The use of Display Screen Equipment (referred to as DSE and including computers and similar items) has possible health effects on the user. As a result personal DSE Assessments are required and, if necessary, users are also entitled to free eye tests and glasses (subject to conditions). (link: )

·         All electrical mains powered equipment used at the University is subject to examination anHd testing. Personal equipment used on site may also be examined and tested and action taken should any defects be found.

·         For all campus emergencies requiring the Fire Brigade, Ambulance Service or Police dial ………….. the University Security 24 hour emergency telephone number....... should only be used off campus.

·         For First Aid needs (not requiring ambulance) contact the First Aiders listed for the building /Unit. Check your local notice board for details.

·         Everybody must be aware of the fire and evacuation procedures for their buildings, what the alarms sound like, and where the assembly areas are. Check with your fire marshal for yourself and look at (link: ) for guidance.

Prepared by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ekşioğlu / April 2015